Otilia – Prisionera (NewNak Remix) ⭕ Bass Boosted ⭕ Car Music

Song promoted by https://WingStart.net – Next generation for Artist Promotion.

(C)(P)2020 JHaps Records

Dj Manish is a project owned by JHaps Records.
All over the world, but especially in India, the record company, JHaps Records, became known by Otilia’s release.
Otilia was noted for the song “Bilionera,” which exceeded one billion views on all youtube channels. Another artist would be Mario Joy, who rumbled with the song California, followed by Andrea from Bulgaria, who also had numerous hits worldwide.

The “Dj Manish” youtube channel promoted all your songs from the record company, starting with reggaeton, dance, deep house, trap, remixes made for our artists.

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