OTILIA – On Fire (official music video)

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official music video otilia on fire
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/on-fire-single/id850031123

Author: Emanuela Oancea, Ionut Bejinariu
Publisher: CDF Produzioni

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I can’t imagine
How it would be like
If I never met you in that night

You stole my heart
Break it apart
Made me follow you to take it back

I wish you could forever stay
To be with you every night and day

Just you and me
Two beautiful souls writing ..poetry

Follow me
Be with me
Dream with me
Follow me
Be with me
Dream with me

My heart ..on fire (fire)
When you’re around (you’re around)
You sell me love,I’m the buyer (buyer)
You made me shivers from the start

My heart ,, ..on fire (fire)
My heart ,, ..on fire
My heart ,, ..on fire (fire)
My heart ,, ..on fire (fire)
Words cannot express enough
What I feel for you
That makes it tough
You have that special thing

That makes me fall in love
Without even to think


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