Otilia – Dimelo Papito (Paw Jar Remix) | Deep House | Sexy Moments | @PLAYERS

Otilia – Dimelo Papito (Paw Jar Remix) | Deep House | Sexy Moments | @PLAYERS

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Welcome to the CND Collection channel, a subdivision of the Jhaps Records.
In case you didn’t know, JHaps Records has a network of over 10 million subscribers, the audience for all tastes from deep-house, reggaeton, pop, and even Bass House, EDM, or future House. We currently manage exclusively over 20 artists whose songs exceed 2 billion views, most famous in India it’s Otilia, Andrea, Mario Joy.

إسمع أغنية روعة من أجمل الاغاني الاجنبية المشهورة, هذه الاغاني الاجنبية الرائعة في كل اغنيه اجنبية فيديو جديد من اجمل الفتيات و الاجسام الرائعة, كل الاغاني الاجنبيه الجديدة لعام ٢٠٢١ و عام ٢٠٢٢
و هي اغنيه روعة تاخدك لعالم تاني لانها اغاني اجنبية رائعة مع فيديو نار

You can send demos with the original music to demo@jhaps.com or use the form
at the same time, if you want to remix one of our songs, write about your intention to the email above, and we will send you acapella.

with great respect
JHaps Records Team

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