Otilia – Devocion (Ozzie Shad Remix) | Bass Boosted | Top Models | @BodyMix TV

Otilia – Devocion (Ozzie Shad Remix) | Bass Boosted | Top Models | @BodyMix TV

Why do we do this?
We are here to give you the chance to be discovered by millions of people. We’ve already released and promoted tracks that have raised hundreds of millions of views.
There are tens of thousands of talented artists in this world who have no exposure or no luck in being broadcast on the radio. In general, people who make playlists on the radio no longer take the risk of broadcasting songs by artists who do not yet have millions of views or do not have good results already generated. Many of them are guided by a Top 40 US, France, or Germany or most often follow the SHAZAM charts. They seek to make a rating as high as possible so as not to lose advertising funds. For this reason, they will always look for well-known artists or songs that have already become famous in other countries.
Because any producer is talented and can produce the next world hit, but if no one trusts him and does not broadcast his song, the songs remain buried in studios most of the time.
We understand that without exposure, you can’t make a decision that your music is good enough or not. At the same time, you need to expose your name to create a brand and make people react more often and quicker. Because of our results over the years, several international record labels follow us, so you have the chance to be heard by them. Many producers stood out with their music or remixes, and they get signed with major labels with the help of our Promotion.
What do we have to offer?
We offer Promotion within our youtube channels that have a worldwide audience. Our youtube channels’ network exceeds 10 million subscribers, and we want to use this audience to promote other artists.
Every month we generate over 100 million views in our network.

Who we are?
Over the years, a team of professionals has confirmed through a series of music hits internationally, bringing to our network hundreds of millions of views and over 10 million subscribers on Youtube.
We asked ourselves the question! How can we offer a series of our services to the entire international music market? And so “WingStart” was born.

Do you want more? Of course, We have more to offer
If you want the next level, some of your tracks can be chosen and promoted like our exclusive content. You can also access these services for a fee, such as promotion to record companies, radios, TV, etc. The songs sent will go through a selection. So not all tracks can benefit from this service.

Music Production
we can do remixes of the songs you want to be promoted, so the chances increase. Also, whether you are a singer, a DJ, we can ghost produce for your project, our composers have experience in making hits.
For Artists & labels
We can refresh your catalog! How?
1. You can send us a song you want to promote and we will post it on the channels that match the style.
2. You can supply us the acapella, maybe songs you released a few years ago, our team of producers will do remixes in different musical genres, later we will post them in our entire network of youtube channels.
3. We can do live interviews broadcast at the same time on several channels, where the your artist can promote his newest song or album. The advantage is that the artist does not have to go anywhere and can broadcast from his room at home, in the park, in the studio, anywhere, using a phone or a laptop, and we will take over and broadcast our images. At the same time you can enter Live with your artist and other people, who can be anywhere in another city, country, etc.
4. As you probably know, youtube community tab gives you a good chance to promote your songs, so we can provide you with a number of posts.
5. We can add comments and cards with your new video, to which we can put a PIN and it will always be the first comment
6. We can add lower thirds to our videos where we promote your channel, or anything you want to refer to artist music career.
7. We can make paid promotion like a product placement, sponsorship, or endorsement in our videos. Our videos generate over 100 millon views every month.
8. (artist) We can release world wide on over 250 digital stores.

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