Otilia-Bilionera (song) New version of °°mera mammy nu pasand ni ve tu°°

Original credit…….

Song : otilia-bilinera

Produced in: Jhaps studio

Director and post – produced :- Andrei Lesan

Music:- Andrei Lesan

Lyrics :- Emanubela, Mike Wells

Orchestration :- Ramon, Preston

Mix/master : – pal claudiu Ramon

°°°° °°°°
Punjabi song……

Song :- mera mammy nu pasand ni ve tu

Artist : sunanda sharma

Album : Jaani Tera Naa

    ***      Important notice :     all credit goes to original owner.  I'm just trying to edit the  Arabic song  in a  punjabi allbum.... 

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      Thought of :- Mr AB

Inspiration by:- partha sarathi Giri

Support by :- chinmay kumar Giri

Edit by:- J CREATION (mr AB)

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