Otilia – Adelante (Y3MR$ Remix) Car & Girl VIDEO |

Otilia – Adelante (Y3MR$ Remix) Best bass boosted Electro house car Music 2020

Do you know that peace, that silence before starting any storm? We are determined to break the silence with low frequencies bass from the hottest G house hits.

Silence of music Youtube channel become part of JHaps Records family from march 25th 2020.

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❂ Silence of music wants for 2020 & 2021 to promote absolutely any driving car music list that can make happy any car audio system, continuing with best Edm, bounce and electro house. Some of the new songs that don’t have deephouse remixes, bass house, brazilian or g-house we make a boosted bass mix version for you to enjoy the music like a gangster in your car.

This music movement started a few years ago but now it gets bigger with each passing day and we can find a lot of channels that promote car bass video. Some of the best we find are Car Music, Gangster club, Bass Movement, House Music HD, Gangster City, Alex’s list, Lithuania HQ.

Much of the music is composed and orchestrated in the Jhaps Records gang studios, while also seeking to promote young producers and their remixes.

Play our new “sexi” music while playing online games, poker and internet free games, roulette or casino royale games and texas holdem poker. if you like to play poker, ladbrokes, slots and slots machines online we gonna use videos about casino games in the background. From LAs VEgas to Hollywood, Dubai to Moscow you gonna watch our online music videos more than HBO TV or Netflix TV.

On Jhaps Records youtube channel are remixed traks by Mustafa & Emre, Volb3x, Y3MR$

The remix of Otilia – Adelante made by Y3MR$, young producer from Turkey its related with other music songs like Scott Rill La Alegria
Rihanna Pon De Replay remixed by Ed Marquis Busta Rhymes Touch It Deep AMG Showtime,DJ Dark Mentol Clandestina Extended, BMW Mama I’m a Criminal HD, Baby my baby don’t cry, I Love You♡ Merc Mafia
50 Cent P.I.M.P. Hedegaard Bass Boosted, 2Scratch REMINDER feat. Young Jae Limma, BMW Mama I’m a Criminal HD
Eurythmics Sweet Dreams , also russian rongs like Гио Пика Фонтанчик с дельфином Adam Maniac
This also big hit Infinity Ink Infinity Dubdogz BhaskarBass Boosted followed by 2Scratch FROZEN AMG Lamborghini, LIMMA company videos from Russia.

Dr. Dre Still D.R.E. ft. Snoop Dogg Bruno Be Lazy Bear m Tyga Ayy Macarenam ,Alper Karacan LIMMA,
Frauble Hatiralar ft. Beyza Malakci,JayZ Kanye West NI**AS IN PARIS ESH,BMW X5M ,
ilkan Gunuc La La La Bass Boosted, Post Malone rockstar ft. 21 Savage Soner Karaca
Hayati Arabic music,Rihanna Umbrella LESSI Bass Boosted
Halsey BALENCIAGA Y3MR$ Remix, Otilia Diamante Y3MR$ Models BMW M,
Imran Khan Satisfya.

to not forget about Otilia – Bilionera remixed by Ricii Lompeurs, I don’t know and Diamante by Y3MR$, also Mario Joy Tocalame ricii Lompeurs, Tres amores by Maxun – Mustafa & Emre. Listen to our new music while playing online games or free internet online games from the app store or google play. From Las Vegas to Hollywood, Dubai to Moscow you gonna watch our online music videos more than HBO or Netflix :).

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